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Creating La Sirena

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This is my first time using the time-lapse option on my iPhone. I had alway previously used Hyperlapse, but the iPhone version worked just as great.


I grew up 10 minutes from the beach and would often go there for a run or to gather my thoughts. I currently live an hour and a half from the beach and I miss it every day. The salty breeze. The sound of the ocean's waves. Working on this painting reminds me of that.

Painting my Easel

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My office/studio is fairly neutral because it's such a small space I wanted it to feel as open and light as possible. However, I had two pieces that were disrupting that flow and so yesterday afternoon I decided to give them a makeover.

The first one I am going to post is my easel. It is a Carolina H-frame and it came in a natural wood color, which on its own is really pretty.

I used Folk Art White Chalk paint and Martha Stewart's Liquid Gold. No prepping required other than getting all of the dust off the easel.

Progress shot.

Progress shot.

I loved the layers of paint that had accumulated at the top where the canvas sits, so I decided to leave that as is. Actually I embellished it with a little bit of gold... I couldn't help myself! And I also painted the knobs and rubber grips gold as well.

I am seriously in LOVE with the way it came out, and what I love the most is that it didn't really take all that much work. I put about two coats of the white paint and two coats of the gold paint. I had read somewhere that you should put a sealer on furniture pieces that have chalk paint on them, so I'm gonna have to look that up. But in the mean time I'm going to admire my weekend handy work.

Adventures: Queen Mary

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For Easter Sunday P's sister and boyfriend came down to have brunch with us at the Queen Mary docked in Long Beach. I had passed it frequently because it is across from the Catalina Express, but had never gone inside before.


Brunch was $70 a person, and they had a huge spread of pastries, crepes, waffles, mexican, asian, seafood, and traditional breakfast food. Plus bottomless champagne and orange juice. Sounds pretty awesome right? It totally was. P noted that the champagne probably wasn't of the highest quality or less they probably wouldn't be serving glass after glass of it for free. He was right, I got a headache not long after we finished our food. 

Despite the headache I really enjoyed everything about it. Even though it's a bit pricey for brunch, being able to walk around the ship afterwards made it worth the price. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

You can tell that the ship is old, and it's preserved decently. They have displays of the old working rooms, captains quarters, etc all behind glass and locked away. I suppose you can view these rooms up close if you take one of the ghost tours.

P was making fun of me because they had several large scale models of the ship that showed what the interior would have looked like, and I was so intrigued by the vintage decor and color palette that I was taking a zillion pictures.

The floors and doors have their history written all over them. The many layers of paint are chipping away and cracking. It makes for a beautiful texture.

Hotel Scenes

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I got to spend Friday and Saturday at the Morongo Casino + Hotel, while P had to attend a conference. I took advantage of getting some good reading and relaxation done. 

It's good to give your brain and body a break from the constant hustle. 

Have a wonderful and blissful Sunday.


Creating Holly

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I have really taken a liking to painting on wood. The paint reacts to different to it than it does on canvas.

I started this painting because I was procrastinating. I had to work on something else that was a little out of my comfort zone and just couldn't get myself to focus on it for long periods of time. I felt like my brain was going to fry. So I would take many many many breaks, and what better way to spend a break than to paint!

I think the gloomy rainy weather we had yesterday made my mind go towards a fall palette.

The warm colors in this piece remind me of the leaves at fall to the ground, and turn that warm golden auburn color. And when you step on them they crunch under your shoes.

Detail shot of Holly

Detail shot of Holly

Monday Motivation

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I am going to be honest here. I have fallen off the bandwagon a little bit. The past two months have been a chaotic jumble of time and events. I feel like, no I know,  I haven't been paying as much to my business and my health. I am behind in my progress of accomplishing some business goals, and I have totally gained at least 7 pounds. 

I was getting down on myself the other day. Kicking my self in the butt for not being 100% on top of my game. I was putting so much pressure on myself and filling my mind with negative thoughts about being enough was taking me down a spiraling road of self-hate. Man, that sounds like such a strong word, but it's honestly how I felt. I was in a mental and physical rut and I couldn't shake it off.

But then I took a step back, like waaaaay back, and thought "ok, instead of being super frustrated at my failures I first need to acknowledge that I have not been focused and need to recenter myself. I need to remember that it's OK to not be going at full speed all day, everyday."

I’m not where I was, but that doesn’t mean that this is where I’m staying.
— patricia vargas, artist & painter

No, I'm not where I was 3 months ago when I was at my fittest, and being on it with my business. But that doesn't mean that I am going to be stuck in this rut for the rest of my life. I will move forward and focus on my progress one day at a time.

I kept telling myself that little mantra to uplift my mind and soul. Then I asked myself some important questions to help me get out of my funk. What is different in my life now that is causing my from reaching/maintaining my goals? What simple changes can I make? What is something I can do everyday that will bring me a sense of peace and clarity.

So now I am incorporating some meditation/gratitude practice to my morning routine. I'll finish my workout, stretch, and end it with some relaxing ambient music and practice meditating. It has really helped to have a clearer mind during the day. It's leading me to be more productive and make healthier food choices. 

What do you do when you feel like you're in a rut that you can't seem to get out of?

Adventures: Catalina Island

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We recently went to Catalina Island to clear out a storage unit my partner (we will call him P) has out there. He is originally from the island and left behind quite a few items when he moved to the mainland, or as the locals would say "over town".

I have been there a handful of times, but its beauty never ceases to amaze me. The water is a clear blue and you can see the orange fishes swimming from the pier. This is definitely not something you would typically see on the California coast. On the other side of the island, also know as two harbors, the water is even more clean. It's an easy getaway.

Unfortunately, we weren't really there for fun. We spent an entire week there, mostly working our butts off in the jam packed storage unit. And covered in a combination of dust and sweat. But, anyways, I managed to snap some quick pictures of a few of the places we did go.

We stayed at the Atwater Hotel, which is right up the main street, known as Front Street. Since we were staying for many days we decided to get their basic "queen" room, which I'm pretty sure actually ended up being a room with a full bed. P and I were constantly bumping into each other during our sleep :/

The room was decent enough, had a bathroom and an airplane shower. That shower was incredibly small. Like you just had enough room to bend and scrub your legs, and I'm 5'3" mind you.

There was also no blowdryer, no full length mirror, and no counter space in the bathroom. No other mirror anywhere else in the room. This would have been big problem if we were trying to get all dolled up. 

Front Street

Front Street

I can't remember what the name of this magical place is but it was right around the corner from our hotel. They have home made salt water taffy, candies, baked goods, and ice cream. Pretty much everything to willingly make you want to ruin your diet.

Took this last picture below on our walk to the storage unit. You can faintly see the California coast.

If you ever get a chance to visit Catalina, I highly recommend doing so. It's a prefect place to do a weekend trip. Relax, grab a drink, and enjoy the sunshine.

Creating Zola

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Zola is a high energy piece that is partially inspired by urban graffiti and feminine decor.

I love the colors of the styled dresser vignettes from The Every Girl. Specifically the warm glow from the perfume bottle and the pops of pink from the tulips and lip glosses. Looking at the space in which the dresser inhabits, there is a clean bright airy sense about it. I really wanted to incorporate that feeling into the painting.

Though I am not referencing any specific graffiti piece, having that heavily layered, haphazard style made sense. It allowed for the pops of bright colors to peek through the layers of white and light pink spontaneously.


"Zola" is available for purchase here.

Parima Studio in Heloise Mckee's Home Tour

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I was absolutely delighted to find this morning that 4 of my art prints were included in Heloise McKee's beautiful home tour on The Every Girl.

In her living room she included "Ruthie" (middle) and "Ink Flowers #11" (top left)

Her cute bar are features "Lulu" (bottom middle).

The cozy sitting nook features an extra large Pink print.

The rest of her house is just as beautiful and colorful. Check out the rest of her home tour here.

Creating: Olive

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I have been attracted to lush deep greens for a while now. I love the way it looks next to small pops of pink and gold. It's such a dreamy and romantic color combination. 

With those colors in mind I wanted to create a rich garden scene set in the spring. Where the colors are beginning to turn bright, and chances of rain are still in the forecast. I wasn't going off any image in particular, I was focusing more on the feeling.

"Hooker's Green" from the Galleria series by Winsor and Newton is my absolute favorite green. It has a lovely forest-y feel to it, and perfect for my garden scene.

Hands constantly fail to stay clean during painting sessions.

Hands constantly fail to stay clean during painting sessions.


The different stages that took place when creating Olive.


Shop this painting here.

Announcing Birthday Giveaway Winners

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Today marks the actual birthday of Parima Studio. Three years ago I took a leap of faith and went after my childhood dreams of becoming an artist. It hasn't be an easy road but it has definitely been worth it.

I love hosting this yearly giveaways. They are a lot of fun and they are a way for me to say thank you to you for supporting me through this journey. 

This years winners are below! Congratulations everybody!

Parima's 3rd Birthday Giveaway

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You may or may not have heard that the CA Powerball lottery was over a billion dollars last week. Let me say that again, a BILLION dollars. *swoon and faint*. 

My partner went in on a pool at work and bought a ticket on his own. He felt that our chances were pretty good. Even if we had to split the winnings with his co-workers, we would still have a nice chunk of change.

So a few days prior to finding out if we won or not, my partner and I were fantasizing about what we would do if we won. Buy a house, take our Europe trip, take the Harry Potter Studio tour in London, rescue all of the puppies and kitties and create an animal sanctuary, pay off debts, etc. As we sat there making our giant list he asked me a very important life question, "if we won, would you keep working?"

I immediately said, "yes". He continued, "but you wouldn't have to anymore".

"I don't do it because I have to. I mean, yes, it's nice that I get paid to paint and create, but I do it because I want to. Because it makes me feel whole and brings me happiness."

Sadly, we didn't win the lotto. And our wish list would continue to be, just that.

But even if we had won, I would still be here celebrating my little business's 3rd birthday and future birthdays. Parima truly feels like a child of mine. It has brought me immense joy, tears, frustration, knowledge, and most importantly fulfillment. I feel like a proud mama.

These past three years have been a crazy ride. When I started Parima I never thought that it would bring me amazing opportunities such as being able to work closely with companies like Minted, Etsy, and Anthropologie. Or that I would see my paintings in publications like Babiekins, Better Homes and Gardens, Refresh and a few others. It's truly surreal.

I can't wait to see what the upcoming years have in store for me.

I wouldn't have been able to live out my dream if it wasn't for you. Supporting me via social media and hanging my art in your lovely homes and offices. It all just means the world to me. 

As a giant thank you I am continuing my tradition and giving away a painting that I made specifically for this occasion. It will be a one of a kind piece. No prints will be made from it. It is made with lots of love and care and if you win I ask that you hang it somewhere special. 

I am also giving away a $75 and a $50 gift card to my shop. You could win one of the three prizes!


  • The main giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • Both the U.S. and International giveaway will run from 1/19/2016- 1/22/2016 (closing at 7am PST)
  • Winners will be announced at noon (PST) on the actual birthday date of January 22.
  • If a winner does not claim their prize within 48 hours of being notified, a new winner will be picked.

International Fans

Unfortunately I am unable to ship this painting as it is to my international fans without it costing an arm and a leg. But, I still want to give you a chance at entering. For those of you who live outside of the U.S. you will have an opportunity to win a $100 gift card to my shop. 

Again, thank you so much for your continued support and wish you the best of luck!

Creating Esme

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For this painting I took direct inspiration from a particular image. Saw this picture from Katey McFarlan's instagram account, and immediately was drawn to the blue, gold and pink color in juxtaposition to the black coffee books. It has a vibrant glamour feel to it. Plus, how adorable is her puppy?!

Though my painting ended up taking a heavier feel than the inspiration image. I think the brighter colors pop more.


Rose Parade

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On my last day of holiday break I took a trip with my family to visit the Rose Parade floats. They are absolutely stunning. The craftsmanship and creativity just oozes out of these floats. Up close you can see the tiniest details, like how letters are made out of beans or seeds. Everything that goes on to these floats are made from organic materials, and meticulously placed by hand one by one. Their creators must have a lot of patience to be able to do that. 


By far my favorite float was the Downton Abbey one. They even had the theme song playing and it made it feel like you were right there in England standing in front of the abbey. I could have been there all day.


They even had a Star Wars float created by Disney themselves.  It was a crowd favorite.


Though I was tired from all of the walking, I left truly inspired. It was the perfect way to end my break, with a burst of creativity. 

When I can't sleep

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I couldn't sleep, again. These past two weeks have been a crazy whirlwind made of pure hustle. I have been sending all of the pre-holiday packages out almost everyday, and I am exhausted.  

Even still I can't seem to fall asleep at night. So I lay there, all restless while my partner sleeps like a baby next to me. And it's too cold in the house for me to get out of bed, so this is when I turn to my iPad to fill my nights. 

I used the art rage app, which isn't my favorite but I love the effect of the paint. It's definitely a really slow app and can be quite frustrating. I have to work with a small file size otherwise it crashes. So all this app is really good for is just for quick messy sketches.  


For the final edit, I fixed the crashing oloring and added some extra effects. It's not my greatest work of art, but it kept me busy enough 'til the sun came up.  

FYI - I am taking a very much needed holiday break. The shop will be "closed" between Dec.21-Jan.4. Any orders placed during this time will not be processed until Jan.5 

The Story of Pina

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When I created Pina it was in the dead of summer. My studio was hot, but filled with bright beautiful light in the early afternoon. All I keep thinking about was sitting on the beach out on a tropical island sippin' on a Piña Colada that was inside a hallowed out pineapple with a little umbrella sticking out from the side.

The beginning stages of Pina

The beginning stages of Pina

At first I was going to create painting filled with tons of colors, but after applying the first couple layers of very bright paint I decided to keep it simple.


Filling up most of the bottom half immediately gave the painting that tropical feel I was going for. Then the little pops of the bright blue are reminiscent of the bright clear island water.


Now that I'm done, I think I will go and enjoy that pineapple filled piña colada.

Shop this painting

Purchase the original 30"x40" Pina painting on stretched canvas  here.

Get Pina print exclusively available at Minted.